All-In-One Display Case (3 Tier)


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Plug-in and go! Everything you need integrated right into these cases.

  • Telescopic LED Light Bar 
  • Built-in Heat
  • Thermostat  & Controlled Outlets
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Please contact us for any non-standard or custom options (Acrylic colors, configurations ect.)


With this ALL-IN-ONE display case, you can take your show set-up to the NEXT LEVEL!

The case is the size of your standard display case but has everything you need to compliment and display your beautiful animals.

Includes a Thermostat that controls the heat, 6500K LED Lights with high CRI of 95, 3 Black and Clear Acrylic Displays, all of which fold up to fit nicely inside a durable, protective case.

Acrylic Displays – beautiful, durable acrylic displays to compliment your animals. Removable outer dividers for 2 larger compartments. (Custom Colors and Customization available, please contact for more information.)

Telescopic LED Light Bar – rises when set up and lowers when its time to pack up.

Heat Tape – 3″ Heat tape to keep animals at a comfortable temperature in all types of weather.

Thermostat – to regulate the heat tape temperature during the expo and during transportation.

Thermostat Controlled Outlets– (Main unit only) to connect more display cases to the main case to regulate the heat tape with one thermostat.

2 USB Ports – charging station for your electronic device. (Not included on secondary units)

Articulating Stainless Steel Arms – makes this display case a convenient all-in-one package by folding everything into one carrying case.

Dimensions – Open: 28 1/2″ Deep X 24 1/4″ Wide X 25″ Tall (Light bar fully extended)

– Closed: 12 1/4″ Deep X 24 1/4″ Wide X 17 1/4″ Tall

Acrylics – 8 1/8″ Deep X 22 1/2″ Wide X 4″ Tall

Inside compartment – 7 7/16″ Deep X 5 1/4″ Wide

***Important: You must purchase at least one main unit in able to control heat. The secondary unit does not include the thermostat controls, it has to be connected to a main unit in order to function properly.


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1 review for All-In-One Display Case (3 Tier)

  1. Craig Jones

    I absolutely love these displays. They look amazing and keep the snakes warm during transport and at the show. The snakes are more vibrant as they are not cold and in a almost hibernation state. It’s better to sell a snake this way and better for the snake.

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